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"Heijastuksia (Reflections) weaves sparkling indie pop that flirts with ethereal folk  influence. Jutta Rahmel knows how to operate on different levels of vulnerability.

Themes revolving around falling in love, inadequacy and loneliness come together as a delicate collection of songs. 39-string concert kantele brings subtle brightness to the arrangements." Juha Seitz / Ilkka-Pohjalainen

Jutta Rahmel is an artist, composer and kantele player who has gained recognition following her performances with chart-topping Finnish pop star Vesala in 2017-2021. The singer-songwriter has a background in Finnish folk music and has been a member of the kantele and vocal group Kardemimmit for 24 years. She released her debut EP in 2018 which was followed by indie pop songs in English 2019-2020. Her debut album Heijastuksia (Reflections) in her native (Finnish) was released in October 2022 and sophomore album Perhosen vuosi in April 2024.

Indie artist Jutta Rahmel's second album Perhosen vuosi out now

Singer-songwriter and kantele player Jutta Rahmel releases her sophomore album Perhosen vuosi on 12th of April 2024. The album deals with themes such as generational trauma, family, identities and connection. 

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