The singer-songwriter from Helsinki, Finland, released her new single Oblivious on March 6, 2020. Listen: 

Jutta Rahmel is a talented young artist whose voice is among the new sounds of the Nordic indie pop music scene, along with other Nordic artists such as Susanne Sundfør, Robyn, and AURORA. Rahmel's music is mesmerizing and compellingly immersive indie pop, and its northern sound is born from the midnight sun and the delicately magical nature infused with modern urban beats. The new song White Smoke represents a profound yet playful side of Rahmel’s artistry with an electronic pop sound production contrasting with the organic tones of the kantele, a silvery sounding Finnish string instrument.


The themes of her songs often grapple with the heavier and darker sides of life, while still having a hopeful and bright, even naivistic, approach to the music. This contrast creates an interesting and distinctive combination that invites the listener into her fascinating world of stories and colours.

Rahmel released her debut EP Varjot kulkevat mukanani (The Shadows Behind Me) in February 2018. The EP represents more traditional singer-songwriter and folk music aesthetics sung in Finnish. With her upcoming new material Rahmel took a whole new artistic direction with English lyrics and an electronic pop music sound. She's currently collaborating and producing new music with producer Jussi Liukkonen in Artlab Studio in Helsinki, Finland. 

Besides being a solo artist, Jutta is part of a folk music group Kardemimmit (FI) which has been performing and touring for years in Europe, Japan and USA. Jutta is also working currently with the Finnish Queen of Pop, Vesala (FI)

*Kantele is the national instrument of Finland, a harp-like string instrument that has deep roots in Finnish folk music, it is estimated to be over 2000 years old.

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